Mr Exclusive is an independent review, news and information website.

Set up in 2009 as a new project we have already received some very welcome positive feedback regarding our reviews and methods we use.

We provide unbiased personal reviews of products and services in such a manner as if we really owned and wanted such items, therefore allowing us to test and evaluate products in a committed, unbiased and professional way.

At all times we reinforce that the reviews on Mr Exclusive are based on fact and personal opinion. We will always advise such matters of interest are just opinion and that the reader may think differently or have a different viewpoint of the product.

This ensures we do not falsify, press unreliable and biased information onto the reader and cloud their judgement with what is essentially just our opinion.

Therefore we encourage our readers to trial, test and read other reviews for items to allow them to gather as much information on a product as possible so they can make a well informed decision when purchasing. This relates extremely well with high value items such as vehicles.

We are continuing to grow. Already we are achieving very high levels of site traffic from ‘unique’ visitors. From this information paired with the amount of hits and time spent on the website, it’s possible to see a pattern of dedicated readers and constantly growing visitor base.

With this in mind, we are open to outside submissions/requests from individuals or businesses that would like a particular product(s) of their own trialled and reviewed. An opportunity for full reviews and advertisement on this website. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a request/proposal.

Many Thanks for supporting us.