Peugeot 208 Review

The Peugeot 208 has been hyped up as being the new Peugeot 205. We know of the fondness that people find in the 205 and the nostalgia of a better era however, today is today and progress has to take place.

The model we have driven to review is the 1.6e-HDi Allure. Costing nearly £16k it puts it at the higher end of the compact segment, is it worth it?

The look of the 208 has been toned down, or rather, grown up since the 207. The 207 has a very shouty, in your face design where as the 208, has come back down to earth, with not so much a thud but more of a technological twinkle.

The nose has been rounded off and the back has taken a progressive step forward in our view although at some angles, the whole thing looks a little odd. Having said that, we feel the fiesta seems a little dated and the VW Group vehicles this goes ahead are all a little dull in contrast to the bizarre looking 208. We likey!

The 16k gets you a lot of spec for the money, Multifunction Colour Touch Screen, 16” Alloys, Privacy Glass, ESP, L.E.D Daytime Running lights to name a few features.

The quality of the cabin really jumps out. The 206’s interior was naff, the 207 was a major leap forward in terms of materials used and the overall aesthetic appeal, the 208 has taken that further with even more luxurious materials and again, an evolution in design style.

We’re big fans of the 207 here at Mr Exclusive, with myself owning a 207 GTi so we know a thing or two about owning Peugeots. We know the 207 didn’t receive many good reviews but we feel again that it’s down to the old question, is it as good as a 205?

To drive, the 1.6e-HDi feels strong and as though it has lots of torque, it’s acceleration doesn’t warp time and space but that’s for the GTi to do later down the line when it’s released (and may end up a permanent fixture at Exclusive HQ), this…is all about economy and a relaxing drive, helping the environment  and your wallet. With its advertised MPG of a combined 74.3mpg, it most surely should help the pennies.

The ride is comfortable, quiet and soaks up the bumps and road noise nicely. When pushed it handles well, grips nicely but doesn’t have the same rear end activity the 205 had. Now…the 208 is not  the 205, nothing ever will be. We’re here to mark the progress of a great brand and that we are doing.

The real test will be if the 208 GTi, can better the 206 and 207 GTi, is so, then we may start making comparisons.

Verdict, the 208 is a nice little car, it has extra room inside (5cm extra rear legroom) although it’s smaller than the 207 on the outside and is also quite a bit lighter. The small steering wheel takes some getting used to as you have to have it lower than you usually would to see all the dashboard instruments, it’s the right way forward for the brand and I’m sure, as its  buyers car not a fleet car, it’s going to sell well.

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