VW Passat Review – Used Car Review

So here it is, another used car review.

We got our hands on a 2005 ’55 Plate VW Passat 1.9TDi SE (105). I’ve personally always like the look of this shape VW Passat, they seemed to have taken a huge leap forward when compared at least aesthetics wise against the MK5. Like a Golf but bigger in size.

It’s true to say it looks somewhat smaller on the outside than the older Volkswagen Passat too however on the inside it’s quite spacious, with plenty of legroom for fully developed adults. The boot space on this is also very good, deep towards the rear seats but not very tall, causing concerns over very bulky items you may want to carry on a regular basis. The rear seats fold down too for extra carrying capacity.

Zee Germans did well in the looks department. They did even better on the CC model.

Being the SE ours came with Cruise Control, Climate Control, Half Electrically Adjustable Seats, Reverse Parking Sensors and Automatic Handbrake. A semi-decent spec line up.

It’s worth mentioning this particular car would be on a forecourt at today’s money, at £5995, at just 43k on the clock, somewhat of a bargain.

This Passat is equipped with the press in key as seen on BMWs which means you push the entire key fob into the dashboard to start the car, one click in and everything comes alive; fully push the key fob into the dash and the car starts.

You can get yourself very comfortable in the car with an adjustable arm rest, adjustable steering wheel and seats.

The rumble of the diesel engine isn’t that noticeable at all, just a small shake at start up and small vibrations when sitting still on idle, nothing intrusive at all.

To drive the car in my opinion sits just above the line of completely boring, if the gearbox wasn’t as good as it was, this car is a complete flat liner to drive. This is not a drivers or enthusiasts car at all.

The pull from the engine is very nice with the torque from that Turbo’d Diesel but not anything that we would describe as quick.

There is quite a bit of body roll in the corners but that’s to be expected as it sits so smoothly on the road. Road noise is apparent but nothing out of the ordinary.

The gearbox, as mentioned before, is very quick and snappy, something you’d probably want in a Hot Hatch and it has a very direct and sporty feel to the gear changes, something that seems/feels a little out of place in a saloon to be honest, however we are glad it’s as good as it is.

Fuel Economy was surprising, we reset the trip and did a very carefully driven 20 mile route, with manufacturer specs of around 45mpg+ combined, we managed 33mpg. Oh dear.

Over all, this isn’t a driver’s car, it’s a car aimed at the masses for the masses and as that is its intention, it’s a very good all round performer, if somewhat a little dull and dreary. Perhaps lived with for longer the fuel economy would improve.

We did experience a very annoying rattle from somewhere inside the dashboard which worried us aren’t these Germans supposed to build cars that last?

If you’re moving from an older Ford Focus, Peugeot 407 etc, this car will knock your socks off, however, if you’re thinking of an alternative to a similar age BMW 3 Series or Ford Mondeo…Think Again.

Go and test drive a Volkswagen Passat

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