Logitech Z906 Review

You hear nondescript whispers over in the corner, then all of sudden, the roar of an engine whooshes past your right whilst gunfire bounces around the room. I guess you just got surround sound.

I’m not going to compare this system to the Z5500 that it replaces, there are quite literally hundreds of arguments on that case all over the internet, so we’re going to take a fresh approach and just get on with reviewing the Logitech Z906.

The system comes in a very neat and tidy box with images of the product on the outside. Once opened a cardboard tray that sits on top houses all the necessary satellite speakers, remote control and the ‘Control Console’. Lift the tray out and you’re left with a foam wrapped sub-woofer, just like a beating heart or engine in a car, the size and beauty of this thing lets you know that IT is the life and soul of the party.

It looks a very simple affair but feels of good quality, with THX certification stamps on each of the satellite speakers you’re told they should have quality sound too. Brains to match the Brawn.

Hooking up the system couldn’t be more simple. You are given what seems like reams of traditional speaker wire to allow you to situate the satellites anywhere you need them. A secure but well known plastic sprung clip like you find on the back of CD Systems features on this kit to join everything up, no special connectors here for the speakers.

The back of the satellite speakers have a metal threaded hole, ready for you to wall mount them or locate them on floor standing mounts, of which you must purchase yourself separately as no mounts come in the package.

The console plugs into the back of the Sub-woofer as do all the other connections including simple RCA, Two Optical Inputs and a RCA Digital input too.

Our system is plugged into a PS3 Console via an Optical Cable so we could try out Gaming and Movies. Note that you do not get an Optical Cable in the box, it must be purchased separately.

First, we tried the new game Need for Speed: The Run. Acclaimed for it’s Theatrical music and Dolby Digital sound we thought it’d be brilliant for our purpose.

We also tried out Star Wars: Episode 1 on Blu-Ray and Cars 2.

When the Dolby Light is lit up on the console, you know you’re going to get the best quality sound output from your speaker set. The clarity is absolutely unbelievable, I’m personally yet to hear a mainstream/affordable home system that could beat this. From far away tweeting birds to huge rumbling explosions. The effect is brilliant.

The sub-woofer, is amazingly powerful and let me tell you this, you would not be disappointed. There are reviews out there that say it lacks punch, lacks rumble, lacks this, lacks that…these are all spawned from the Z5500 fanboys and don’t give a true representation of this set. The bass is deep, clear and loud enough to shake your floor, windows and give enough grief to the Neighbors.

This set is in no way whatsoever compromised in the power department, it’s ace!

I feel as though the movies and games have now got what they deserve, stunning sound to go along with the High-Definition visuals.

As with many surround sets the Logitech Z906 has a virtual surround mode, allowing stereo inputs or those from your standard TV or generally anything not broadcast in surround sound to be converted, by the Z906 to fill your room with glorious sound.

The Logitech Z906 does this with ease, cleverly sensing voices for the front speakers, music and rain to fill all speakers and noises to follow the general direction on screen, brilliant.

The Remote Control is a simple affair too, with just 7 Buttons in total. On/Off, Input, Mute, Level, Effect, Volume Up, Volume Down. That is all you need allowing total control of which input you want, what effect to have (Stereo, Surround, 4.1 Stereo) and to indivdually adjust the volume level of each pair of speakers.

Holding the input button for 5 seconds starts a test sequence which buzzes each speaker in turn to assure that you have the speakers in the correct place whilst accompanied by the speaker which is supposed to be buzzing, lit up on the console.

It is true that this system is probably designed for Gaming hence not having a HDMI input for truly lossless audio but unless you’re a complete audiophile you are not going to care one bit.

It’s a brilliant price, looks great and seriously improves your whole Gaming and Theatrical experience. I wouldn’t buy anything else at the moment.

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